the right infant formula for your child

05 September 2009

I breastfed my son for more than a year knowing that breast milk is the best source of nutrients for him. In the United States, the federal government encourages mothers to breasfeed to also save money. As much as I want to exclusively give breast milk to my son, I had to partially formula fed him due to "inadequate" supply of milk on some days. It was mind-boggling for me to choose which infant formula is the best for my son. I wanted to purchase the best baby formula available in the market. I compared the ingredients and the nutritional values of all the infant formulas on store shelves. In the end though I chose to buy the most expensive baby formula, thinking (and hoping) that it is almost at par with breast milk.

I just recently found out that all baby and instant formula are subjected to meet the same nutritional requirements as stipulated by the Infant Formula Act. My decision then was a mistake, I could have just bought a store brand instant formula since the quality and safety of the manufacturing are also inspected in the same way by the FDA.

Parents can find at Parents Choice's website a baby formula savings calculator wherein one can compare the prices of different milk formula brands. Do visit the Parents Choice website to learn more about choosing the right instant formula for your child.


Anna S said...

No formula can ever match breast milk, although I've read online that Enfamil claims it has a "breast milk formula" which is an outrage. Store brands only cost less than big name brands because they don't advertise or giveaway formula to hospitals when moms are vulnerable and trying to make the decision to B-feed. This is great information and moms need to know that store brands are just as nutritious as the expensive brands. Save $ with confidence!

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