hungry mama

23 April 2012

So I am so hungry already. But I need to finish up some important things that I have been too lazy to do for the past week. I’m actually cramming right now to meet the deadline. I have been researching about mobile homes for sale also and the organic beauty products that I've been wanting to try (been reading a lot of good reviews about it).

I guess I have to cook already since my son is already complaining that he’s tired, from sorting out his toys, and very hungry eventhough he has just eaten breakfast.

revamping the house

I'm in the planning stage of maximizing the small space in our house. I'm not planning to remodel the entirety of the house though. What I want to do is to replace the furnitures, and the big appliances, with the end result of making more room to move around in the house.


Here's what I've thought of so far. The rattan chairs definitely has to go. It's taking up a lot of living room space. A wall-mounted television should replace the bulky 7-year-old tv that we have. Some of RJ's toys needs to go as well, I just need to convince him that he's too old for some of those toys. He has this big plastic box full of toys and it's occupying a huge space in the bedroom.

Don't judge a book by its cover


I encourage my son to eat more fruits and vegetables. Every week, I stock on the usual apples, mangoes and bananas. Those are the fruits that my son eats. A few months back, yes this is actually a very late post, I decided to buy DOLE bananas because they look really fresh. The skin (banana peel) was also flawless.


When I got home, I decided to try one. I peeled the skin and took one big bite. Good thing I didn't swallow what I was chewing because when I looked at the remainder of the banana it looks brown in the middle. I checked all the bananas and discovered that everything was rotten. I paid more that what I usually pay for a bunch of bananas and everything just went straight to the trash can.

Easy-to-eat Breakfast

During school days, RJ's day starts with a bowl of coco crunch and milk. And that's for 10 months except during weekends. He likes it for breakfast because it's more easier to eat compared with the usual Filipino breakfast of rice and meat. He wakes up pretty early so it's easier to chew a soggy coco crunch, he doesn't like it crunchy.


He's now on summer break and he wakes up really late, around 9 or 10 in the morning, because he sleeps late. So I'm trying to make something different for breakfast. This week, he's into eating pita bread with cheese. Any healthy breakfast suggestions for next week?

Organic Beauty Product

I first heard about this on twitter. A person I'm following tweeted about her pimple breakouts. Her friend tweeted a reply that she has been using an organic soap that's 100 percent Philippine made and she hasn't experienced any breakouts ever since.


I searched the product online and true enough, there were a lot of good reviews about it. The company that makes it also has a wide selection of other beauty products, with a lot of good reviews also. I'm going to buy and try some of the products. I'll post about it in the coming days.

cleaning time


This hot, very humid monday morning is also cleaning time for my son. He likes to keep things that he doesn't need anymore. The clay that is so dusty already, the toys that he doesn't actually play anymore. Xeroxed copy of things that he "needs" but he actually has not touched it in months.




Everything is just lying here and there, gathering dust. So yes, he has to endure the summer heat and sort out his things.

one lucky nephew

16 April 2012

Hi! I’m RJ’s Aunt Phoebe! Being an Aunt entails all kinds of label. You’ll be their babysitter, nanny, playmate, commander-in-chief (when their parents are away), friend and sadly yes, their enemy as well when you don't give in to what they want. But I love them to bits so whenever my sisters ask for help to babysit their kids, I have to invent a lot of “games” to entertain them and yes, for me to at least have a peaceful “time”. Hey! Taking care of three rowdy kids is not a walk in the park.

RJ is the eldest amongst the little ones so sometimes it’s hard to get him to enjoy the things his little cousins wants to play. So there's a "special" game just for im, it's like a “I spy!" game.

i-spy game
He has to guess a word, usually things around the place, I give him three hints and then he has three chances to make the correct guess. When his turn to guess is done, he’ll have his turn to make me guess too. One time I made him guess address signs that are usually seen on the front gates around the neigbourhood.

Whenever we play this game, we barely notice the time. It's really a good game, try it with your nephews, nieces or even your own kids.

RJ as a Kiddie Crew at McDonalds

04 April 2012

RJ joined the first batch of Mc Donald's kiddie crew in San Juan. When he found out that he'll be joining the 9-11 AM group, he didn't take it well -he huffed and he puffed with anger, because he didn't want to part with his gadgets -not even for just two hours.


But he enjoyed it a lot and I again proved to him that "Mommy knows best". I deserve a gift then, maybe this colorful chair for my living room.

They we're given a tour of the whole restaurant, including the kitchen and the freezer, during the first day. The kids job, for five days, was to man the counter, take order from the customers, help the drive-through staff, prepare the condiments and prepare the drinks. They were taught how to prepare a hamburger.

The culminating activity was done on the sixth day. All the kids went home happy carrying their certificates and awards.

Here’s how to join: Pay a registration fee of 550 pesos in any participating McDonald's stores. The fee already includes the McDonald's Kiddie Crew T-Shirt, Cap, ID, backpack and snack (spaghetti or burger and a regular drink) for 5 days.

McDonald’s Kiddie Crew 2012 Schedule



Do not waste your talents

As much as I want to encourage, and not force, my son to not waste his talents -art and sports doesn't stand a chance with psp, nintendo, iOS, android or PC games. It's a never-ending quest for me, as a mom, to find the right amount of patience and understanding to encourage and not force him to improve his talents.

Although art, music and sports classes doesn't come cheap, letting him join these classes is still the best option. It saves me from nagging him to research on how to paint or draw something new, practice his swim strokes or play basketball in the backyard when he's doing nothing productive when he's in the house (count the above mentioned gadgets as non-productive producing things).


I try not to tell him often that his art works are good. Because he feels that "you're just saying that because you're my mom". That only worked when he's still in preschool. Now that he's older it's very important to properly tell him what he needs to improve on.

Yes, it's hard to let kids realize that they have lots of talents and God gave it for them to improve and use properly. But that's the job that God gave us and we parents should accept it whole heartedly.

Is it safe to go to the mall these days?

When my son was younger, he gets annoyed with security guards in the mall. He doesn't understand why they just let him in without inspecting his bag. Whenever that happens, always actually, he opens his bag and tells the guard to check his bag.


My bag? They inspect it by sticking a stick inside and abruptly removing it like they got burned with something from inside the bag. It's really not mind boggling why robbers are not at all scared to bring deadly weapons inside the mall. Everytime an "incident" happens, like the Glorietta bombing, the mall security thoroughly inspect the bags of mall visitors. And then they go back to their old lazy habit after a few months.

The mall management should not rely fully on security guards from preventing robbery or any bad incidents. They should install the best metal detectors available in the market these days to protect the mall-goers. They should have their customers best interest at heart and they should remember that bad things happening in their mall is bad for business.

The Hunger Games: Not for Kids


Based on the book, The Hunger Games is definitely "for adults only". The violent nature of the story line, killing other human beings for survival, might be taken wrongly by a child's young mind. Unless the movie is not as violent as the book. But I doubt it, without those violence it won't be The Hunger Games.




"The Hunger Games movie is so cool!" That's the Facebook status of my son's friend. How was he able to watch it? My son and his friend are 10 years old by the way. I wonder why the mom allowed my son's friend to watch it. Someone told me that, based on reviews, the movie didn't give so much focus on the "game".


I want to watch the movie last week but because 1. I wasn't finished with the paperback yet and 2. The violent story line is not appropriate for my son to watch, I decided not to -yet. I'm now finished with the book but I'm not that enthusiastic with watching the movie. Sorry but I won't be joining the hype, I'm not a fan of The Hunger Games.

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