revamping the house

23 April 2012

I'm in the planning stage of maximizing the small space in our house. I'm not planning to remodel the entirety of the house though. What I want to do is to replace the furnitures, and the big appliances, with the end result of making more room to move around in the house.


Here's what I've thought of so far. The rattan chairs definitely has to go. It's taking up a lot of living room space. A wall-mounted television should replace the bulky 7-year-old tv that we have. Some of RJ's toys needs to go as well, I just need to convince him that he's too old for some of those toys. He has this big plastic box full of toys and it's occupying a huge space in the bedroom.


Teresa Martinez said...

We always try to find ways to increase our living spaces as children grow and more things are accumulated.

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