RJ as a Kiddie Crew at McDonalds

04 April 2012

RJ joined the first batch of Mc Donald's kiddie crew in San Juan. When he found out that he'll be joining the 9-11 AM group, he didn't take it well -he huffed and he puffed with anger, because he didn't want to part with his gadgets -not even for just two hours.


But he enjoyed it a lot and I again proved to him that "Mommy knows best". I deserve a gift then, maybe this colorful chair for my living room.

They we're given a tour of the whole restaurant, including the kitchen and the freezer, during the first day. The kids job, for five days, was to man the counter, take order from the customers, help the drive-through staff, prepare the condiments and prepare the drinks. They were taught how to prepare a hamburger.

The culminating activity was done on the sixth day. All the kids went home happy carrying their certificates and awards.

Here’s how to join: Pay a registration fee of 550 pesos in any participating McDonald's stores. The fee already includes the McDonald's Kiddie Crew T-Shirt, Cap, ID, backpack and snack (spaghetti or burger and a regular drink) for 5 days.


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