The Hunger Games: Not for Kids

04 April 2012

Based on the book, The Hunger Games is definitely "for adults only". The violent nature of the story line, killing other human beings for survival, might be taken wrongly by a child's young mind. Unless the movie is not as violent as the book. But I doubt it, without those violence it won't be The Hunger Games.




"The Hunger Games movie is so cool!" That's the Facebook status of my son's friend. How was he able to watch it? My son and his friend are 10 years old by the way. I wonder why the mom allowed my son's friend to watch it. Someone told me that, based on reviews, the movie didn't give so much focus on the "game".


I want to watch the movie last week but because 1. I wasn't finished with the paperback yet and 2. The violent story line is not appropriate for my son to watch, I decided not to -yet. I'm now finished with the book but I'm not that enthusiastic with watching the movie. Sorry but I won't be joining the hype, I'm not a fan of The Hunger Games.


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