one lucky nephew

16 April 2012

Hi! I’m RJ’s Aunt Phoebe! Being an Aunt entails all kinds of label. You’ll be their babysitter, nanny, playmate, commander-in-chief (when their parents are away), friend and sadly yes, their enemy as well when you don't give in to what they want. But I love them to bits so whenever my sisters ask for help to babysit their kids, I have to invent a lot of “games” to entertain them and yes, for me to at least have a peaceful “time”. Hey! Taking care of three rowdy kids is not a walk in the park.

RJ is the eldest amongst the little ones so sometimes it’s hard to get him to enjoy the things his little cousins wants to play. So there's a "special" game just for im, it's like a “I spy!" game.

i-spy game
He has to guess a word, usually things around the place, I give him three hints and then he has three chances to make the correct guess. When his turn to guess is done, he’ll have his turn to make me guess too. One time I made him guess address signs that are usually seen on the front gates around the neigbourhood.

Whenever we play this game, we barely notice the time. It's really a good game, try it with your nephews, nieces or even your own kids.


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