Photography for kids

09 March 2012

It's summer time once again. Time for kids to develop more skills and talents. Because in school, especially in "traditional" schools like where my son is enrolled, more time is focused in academics.

I'm planning to look for photography classes where I and RJ can be classmates. I have to buy another camera, preferably a DSLR, so we don't have to borrow from each other during class. I have to call this art school near our place also, I might enroll him there as well if it’s not as expensive as the other art classes that I’ve inquired in on the past. I have to ask him what other sports activities he wants to enroll in as well.

Moving Up Day

08 March 2012

When he was in preschool, my son had this end of the year school activity called Moving Up Day. Now that he’s in Grade 4, moving up day is non-existent in his school. They don’t even have the so-called Recognition Day that is usually practiced in public schools. The awarding of medals and certificate of honors for the non-graduating students are usually done during the first week of the next school year.

Tomorrow is my son’s last day of quarterly exams. The stress during this quarterly exams week is all in the past now, at least for me - his tutor, he still has one final exam to deal with tomorrow. I bought him gifts already as a congratulation for moving on to 5th Grade, I hope so - report card will be distributed by the end of the month. Instead of buying his current favorite books, the Harry Potter series, I bought the books with him yesterday at National Bookstore. Quite expensive but since I can’t think of any other gift that will make him more happy at the moment, than the Harry Potter books, then I just closed my eyes while paying at the check out counter.

Harry Potter’s Number 1 Fan


My son is a proud bookworm. I may be a cheapskate person but when it comes to books - sky is the limit. For my son anyway because I now read ebooks on iBooks. And I only allow him to buy books that’s age-appropriate. I love reading also, so I support him all the way with this hobby.


harry potter books 1-7


I have been suggesting, for the longest time, that he should read Harry Potter. But when he started reading the first book, The Sorcerer’s Stone, he said it’s kinda boring. Until last week, when the reading list for next school year’s English class was given. Harry Potter was included on the list.


So he started reading the first book and finished the first three books in approximately 3 days. And there’s no stopping him, he’s planning to finish all seven books by next week.

Divisoria, the cheapest mall on the planet

04 March 2012

This place is one of my favorite shopping destinations. The cheapest anything-and-everything can be found here. From kids to adults apparel, bags, shoes and even accessories at the cheapest possible price are available here. Your head will spin, your eyes will have a feast and you won't get broke as compared with shopping in a high-end mall.
Divisoria is a market district in the heart of the City of Manila known for its wide assortment of low-priced goods and wholesale and bargain shopping. Clothes, accessories, toys, novelties, decorations, pirated films and music, electronics, fruits, dry goods, school, office and household supplies, fabrics, textiles, crafts, novelties, decorations and “everything under the sun” can be found in Divisoria, making it “the mecca of value shopping” and “the mother of all markets in Manila.” It is considered one of the National Capital Region's premiere economic centers, as street shops, tiangge-style bazaars and shopping malls are all found here. The district touches different parts of the city including Binondo, Tondo and San Nicolas. 

Me, my mom and my sisters are planning to go there next Sunday. I'll buy RJ's school things for next year. Last time I went there I saw these sturdy backpacks and that's what RJ needs for next year.

My aunt and cousin went there yesterday and they were able to buy lovely accessories! I'm so excited, I can hardly wait!

Things to bring for swim class

Summer is once again here. And whether we like frolicking in the heat or not, we have to make at least our kiddo's summer fun-filled! Are you planning to enroll your kids to swimming lessons? Here is a checklist that you should bring with you:
1. swimsuit or swimming trunks
2. sunblock
3. fluffy towels
4. goggles
5. swim board
6. swim ring (beginners)
7. fins (advanced)
8. swim diapers (babies)

Don't forget to look for a reliable swim coach before heding on to the pool.

Summer is here

It's just the first week of March but the summer heat is very much present already. Time to bring out the shorts and sleeveless tops. Time for me to look for fun summer activities for RJ. Swimming should be first on the list. He really ought to swim again. He always have continuous sneezing in the morning because of allergic rhinitis. He never had that problem when he was still a member of his school's swim team.

summer heat wave

And speaking of swimming, I should also learn how to swim.

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