Moving Up Day

08 March 2012

When he was in preschool, my son had this end of the year school activity called Moving Up Day. Now that he’s in Grade 4, moving up day is non-existent in his school. They don’t even have the so-called Recognition Day that is usually practiced in public schools. The awarding of medals and certificate of honors for the non-graduating students are usually done during the first week of the next school year.

Tomorrow is my son’s last day of quarterly exams. The stress during this quarterly exams week is all in the past now, at least for me - his tutor, he still has one final exam to deal with tomorrow. I bought him gifts already as a congratulation for moving on to 5th Grade, I hope so - report card will be distributed by the end of the month. Instead of buying his current favorite books, the Harry Potter series, I bought the books with him yesterday at National Bookstore. Quite expensive but since I can’t think of any other gift that will make him more happy at the moment, than the Harry Potter books, then I just closed my eyes while paying at the check out counter.


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