Harry Potter’s Number 1 Fan

08 March 2012

My son is a proud bookworm. I may be a cheapskate person but when it comes to books - sky is the limit. For my son anyway because I now read ebooks on iBooks. And I only allow him to buy books that’s age-appropriate. I love reading also, so I support him all the way with this hobby.


harry potter books 1-7


I have been suggesting, for the longest time, that he should read Harry Potter. But when he started reading the first book, The Sorcerer’s Stone, he said it’s kinda boring. Until last week, when the reading list for next school year’s English class was given. Harry Potter was included on the list.


So he started reading the first book and finished the first three books in approximately 3 days. And there’s no stopping him, he’s planning to finish all seven books by next week.


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