National Autism Awareness Week 2012

24 January 2012


Presidential Proclamation 711, signed by then President Fidel Ramos in 1986, declares the third week of January as National Autism Consciousness Week. This year's celebration is on January 22 - 29 with the theme "Making the Rights Real for Filipinos with Autism".


Making the Rights Real for Filipinos with Autism was adopted as the theme for this year’s celebration to give emphasis on the realization of the rights of individuals affected with autism and to support the campaign of the United Nations to give special attention to Persons with Disabilities which comprised 15% of the world’s population according to the 2011 data of the World Health Organization (WHO). Persons with Disabilities are the most vulnerable and marginalized sector of the society. ~


ACW Activities updated


For more information on the said event, call 926-6941/929-8447 or visit

Very Good Quality of Education

I have written about my wish to live in the province a lot of times already. One, because life in the province is so much easier. Two, because pollution is almost nil there. But because the good schools are here in Manila, that wish won't turn into a reality yet.

I did go to school there. I remember the pergola where we study or eat during free time, but not even a quarter as big as my son's school. It's not actually because of the size. I'm a bit concerned with the quality of education. Not as good as that of the schools here in Manila, and that school is considered one of the top schools in our province.

UP Quezon Hall 
I did pass the UPCAT (University of the Philippines College Admission Test), Bachelor of Science in Math. But I had a hard time catching up with my blockmates. What they considered as review lessons, I've never encountered, it was never taught at my school in the province. I had to study doubly hard to catch up with the lessons.

Because of that experience, we have to endure living in the polluted and noisy city of Metro Manila to give the best quality of education that my son needs for him to have an edge in the future. The schools here are way better than that in the province.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

I'm getting reacquainted with Harry Potter after more than 10 years. Done with the first book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, and halfway through with the second one, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Already met Myrtel, the girl/ghost who cries in the cubicle in the girl's bathroom.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

I have read all seven books but I've actually forgotten the story. I'm actually excited to read it again. I have some "Ooh, that's right" moments. Definitely a page turner.

My son though is not interested to read it. He said it's boring! Yes, that's what he said and I'm as confused as you are. Maybe he'll have a change of heart next year.

Philippine Airlines for sale?

I mentioned on my previous post that my son needs to speak in front of his class. Amidst all the gruesome news, here’s one that’s interesting.

My son’s report, he researched and made this himself. He’s only required to share a news that has 4 - 5 sentences, so he made it as short as possible.

Philippine Airlines

PAL for sale

Lucio Tan, head of Philippine Airlines or PAL, confirmed on Friday that he is selling PAL at the right price.
He acknowledged that he was talking to the heads of PLDT and San Miguel Corp.
He has not yet decided how much it would be sold.
PAL has 36 aircrafts and 5 of them are Boeing 747-400.

News Reporting in the Philippines

21 January 2012

One of the requirement in my son's Social Studies class every quarter is to deliver a news report on what's going on in the country. He's scheduled to share his report, for the last quarter of the school year, in front of the class this coming Thursday.

No school today, because of Chinese New Year celebration, so I asked him to look for a news online that he can share with the class. While he's browsing, I was also checking it out beside him. Depressing. 99.9% of the search results were news that are "not suitable for children". Murder, kidnapping, all kinds of violence are reported every single day.


Are they just too lazy to rack their brains for news that are more worthy to be on print and be shown on tvt? Entrepreneurship for one. Instead of giving ideas to poor people to just commit suicide, or to engage in "monkey business", give them ideas on how they can earn more by putting up a small business that doesn't need much capital.

It's more fun in the Philippines? Based on the news that I read, hear and see everyday - no.

How to play the yoyo

14 January 2012


I found this small book that shows how to do different yoyo tricks and I've been bugging my son to read and try it. Trying to lure him away from the computer and handheld games, without much success. All I get is a blank stare with a reluctant ok.


Not until December of last year, he asked me to buy him a yoyo. He has actually has an old one but it's small (for babies, he said) and it got broken already. So I bought him a new yoyo. Here are some of the simple tricks that he's trying to learn.


Gravity Pull Yoyo Trick - Hold the yoyo palm side down and let it unroll. Just as the yoyo finishes unwinding, give it a firm upward jerk.




Sleeper Yoyo Trick - Hold the yoyo palm up. Whip the yoyo sharply toward the ground


sleeper yoyo trick


Walk The Dog Yoyo Trick - Throw a fast Sleeper and let the spinning motion pull the yoyo along the ground. While the yoyo is still spinning, give it a slight tug to bring "doggie" home.


walk the dog yoyo trick


So there, those are the three simple tricks that he’s trying to master before he can move on to more complicated tricks.


photo and tricks from

service interaction

12 January 2012


My son’s school has this yearly activity called service interaction. The school invites kids and sometimes adults to visit the school and have a fun whole day interaction with the students. Their previous service interactions were  with community workers (street sweepers, policemen), school workers (janitors, guards, canteen staff), public school students to name a few.


This year, the interaction is with the Aeta kids of Porac, Pampanga. The group is being assisted by the school’s foundation already.


spongebob and patrick friendship


My son’s section is scheduled to have the interaction with the Aeta kids on Monday, January 16. Each student will be assigned a partner. The activity usually includes a getting to know you portion. Then games and lots of games follows. The students are asked to bring snacks (sandwich and juice) and lunch (fried chicken, rice and mineral water) for them and their partner. They are also asked to bring a gift pack consisting of notebooks, glue, scissors and pencils (the quantity and brand were indicated in a circular given weeks before for uniformity).


The aim of the said activity is for the students to learn how to share their blessings, talents and skills with the end goal of developing the following traits in each and every student of the school: compassion, conscience and community.

absent from school

05 January 2012

Today is my sister C’s wedding. My son’s first day of school, after the Christmas break, started yesterday. He’ll be absent for 3 days since the wedding is in the province and it’s a waste of time, and expensive, to travel back and forth from the province to Manila then province to Manila again. Maybe if I'm one of those people with lots of money.

happy new year greeting

My son is happy he’s missing school for 3 days. I’m not when I think of the stress in catching up with his missed lessons. Hopefully he won’t miss a lot.

Anyways, here’s wishing you all a Happy New Year!

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