News Reporting in the Philippines

21 January 2012

One of the requirement in my son's Social Studies class every quarter is to deliver a news report on what's going on in the country. He's scheduled to share his report, for the last quarter of the school year, in front of the class this coming Thursday.

No school today, because of Chinese New Year celebration, so I asked him to look for a news online that he can share with the class. While he's browsing, I was also checking it out beside him. Depressing. 99.9% of the search results were news that are "not suitable for children". Murder, kidnapping, all kinds of violence are reported every single day.


Are they just too lazy to rack their brains for news that are more worthy to be on print and be shown on tvt? Entrepreneurship for one. Instead of giving ideas to poor people to just commit suicide, or to engage in "monkey business", give them ideas on how they can earn more by putting up a small business that doesn't need much capital.

It's more fun in the Philippines? Based on the news that I read, hear and see everyday - no.


Ane said...

The reason I don't watch the news is because it is depressing! Even the "lighter" side of the news is depressing! and don't even get me started with news about our local celebrities! UGH! Annoying! :P

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