How to play the yoyo

14 January 2012

I found this small book that shows how to do different yoyo tricks and I've been bugging my son to read and try it. Trying to lure him away from the computer and handheld games, without much success. All I get is a blank stare with a reluctant ok.


Not until December of last year, he asked me to buy him a yoyo. He has actually has an old one but it's small (for babies, he said) and it got broken already. So I bought him a new yoyo. Here are some of the simple tricks that he's trying to learn.


Gravity Pull Yoyo Trick - Hold the yoyo palm side down and let it unroll. Just as the yoyo finishes unwinding, give it a firm upward jerk.




Sleeper Yoyo Trick - Hold the yoyo palm up. Whip the yoyo sharply toward the ground


sleeper yoyo trick


Walk The Dog Yoyo Trick - Throw a fast Sleeper and let the spinning motion pull the yoyo along the ground. While the yoyo is still spinning, give it a slight tug to bring "doggie" home.


walk the dog yoyo trick


So there, those are the three simple tricks that he’s trying to master before he can move on to more complicated tricks.


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