Philippine Airlines for sale?

24 January 2012

I mentioned on my previous post that my son needs to speak in front of his class. Amidst all the gruesome news, here’s one that’s interesting.

My son’s report, he researched and made this himself. He’s only required to share a news that has 4 - 5 sentences, so he made it as short as possible.

Philippine Airlines

PAL for sale

Lucio Tan, head of Philippine Airlines or PAL, confirmed on Friday that he is selling PAL at the right price.
He acknowledged that he was talking to the heads of PLDT and San Miguel Corp.
He has not yet decided how much it would be sold.
PAL has 36 aircrafts and 5 of them are Boeing 747-400.

7 comments: said...

hindi ba government owned ang PAL?

Julie. -- said...

Is this really true? there are rumors about Gozon's selling his GMA network. Philippines tycoons are getting poorer na ba?

Blair Villanueva said...

hehehe, is this for real, or bloopers?

rjs mama said...

@blair, yup, got this news in one of the leading newspapers in the country

@julie, probably not, mayayaman pa rin ang mga yan

@romelo, i don't think so

lakwatsero said...

we will see if there is truth to that... said...

I've heard of this one nga po.. Let's just see what will happen next.. :D

Traveller on a Shoestring said...

Galeng naman ng baby mo! Marunong na siya maglagay ng watermark sa pictures. Anyway, is the news real?

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