How to Eat Mangoes, RJ's Way

03 August 2012

My son's favorite fruit is mango. He likes it sour and almost ripe. There was a time when he want his mangoes thinly sliced with sugar and vinegar. Yes, sour mangoes made even more sour with vinegar, that's how he likes it then. But he doesn't like that anymore. He now like his mangoes with sugar and, instead of vinegar, salt.


I like eating unripe mangoes too. When I was still little, I also like the taste of mangoes mixed with sugar and salt just like RJ. But now, as much as I want to eat, my teeth are sensitive to sour fruits. Whenever I eat mangoes, I usually can't eat well after that.

Hmm, maybe I should eat mangoes everyday. It might help me loose the excess pounds that I'm trying to shed.


Les said...

Mango and sugar with vinegar..that's unique. I like green mangos with bagoong :)

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