no classes for a week

10 August 2012

RJ is very happy. His school has already suspended classes until friday to give way to the relief operations that the school has organized. Some parts of the city where his  school is located has been flooded for days already.


Students will have a lot of catching up to do once classes resume. Although RJ is happy that he'll be exam-free and assignment-free for a whole week, he miss his guitar lessons so much. He chose guitar lessons, instead of piano,  ukulele or drums, for last summer break's activity. His teacher said that he's really good and he can grasp the lesson right away. So he chose guitar lessons for this school year's extra curricular activities. He's always excited to learn new lessons every week.

I wish it would stop raining. These cancellation of classes is causing me a lot of stress just thinking of more lessons for me to tutor RJ in the coming weeks.


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