Earning a living on the streets of Manila

13 January 2013

During a red traffic light on our way home from the family house in Makati, I saw a few girls who are about RJ's age dancing in front of stopped cars. I guess the knocking on car windows to beg for money doesn't work that much anymore? Or maybe they've thought of this new trick for them to be different from all other beggars on the street.

It was a bit dark already. I wonder if the parents know these girls are still on the street, dancing in front of cars to earn a few coins?! I'm sure they won't earn that much, not even enough to buy cheap things from an 88 pesos store (philippine version of a dollar store).

Does DSWD know about this? Since it was night time already, car headlights were already on. The young girls can be seen by everyone because the headlights serve like a spotlight. These girls will get in trouble if they encounter bad people. I hope someone can put a stop to this.


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