What To Do With Old Baby Stuffs

19 December 2012

Because babies grow up real fast, you must be running out of room in the house for all those baby stuffs (like clothes, toys, small bottles, small pillows) that your baby has outgrown and can't use anymore. Here are some suggestions on what you can do with those baby stuffs.

Keep Them - If you're still planning to have another baby, then the most reasonable thing to do is to keep those old baby stuff. This will help you save money on buying new clothes, toys and other baby things once the new baby arrives.

Donate - There are a number of charitable institution who takes care of abandoned babies and children. Your child's old baby stuffs will be put to good use in these institutions. There are websites who connects people who wants to give out baby things to those people who need these baby things. Just google search "free baby stuff" and you'll find a number of website who does this.

Sell - Because you need to buy new things for your baby, whose growing up so fast, you might want to consider selling your baby's old stuffs. There are a lot of people online and offline who would gladly buy those almost-new clothes, toys and other things from you.


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