Excited Kids in a Sports Tournament

09 December 2012

These kids can barely contain their excitement. They're waiting for the soccer tournament to begin. But they've been here since 730am, 2.5 hours before the tournament actually starts. I wonder how long their energy will last.

I understand being early in a swim meet. The coach still needs to write the event and heat number on each of the team members' arm. And each member competes in different events so the coach needs ample time before the competition actually starts to finish writing on all the team member's arms.

But with soccer, the coach doesn't have to require these kids to come very early. Unless it's the parents who are very excited and insists on being at the event site real early. Or the coach is very strict he even has an attendance software like this employee handbook software I saw online.

Well, good-luck to these players. Make your parents proud and happy!


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