How to Distinguish Real From Fake Philippine Peso Bill

13 October 2012

It’s Christmas season once again. Some people are now taking advantage of this busy “spending” season by distributing fake peso bills.




Here are the most important things to check whether a peso bill is REAL and not a fake one. This is lifted from the Central Bank of the Philippines’ website.

  • Paper should be rough when fingers are run through it.
  • Contours of the silhouette of the portrait, on the face of the currency, on relatively new notes can be felt when fingers are run through it.
  • Serial number are composed of 1 or 2 prefix letters and 6 or 7 digits and glow under ultra-violet light.

For the complete checklist, visit website and type “Know Your Philippine Currency” on the search box.


Mauie said...

Once I bought from a kiosk and I saw the saleslady rub my Php 1000 bill on a piece of paper. Apparently, a real bill can make a mark with its special ink.

tickled cheeks said...

thanks for sharing this!

I remember when I was still a kid, i used to call the watermark or the shadow image on as SAFEGUARD. kasi may kunsensya =D

sigrid @ poshpost said...

Hmmm I never really tried to look at our money--I mean closely. Okay, I think I should need to do it. At the store, we have this thingy with a light that you shine on the money.

nuts said...

We really need to be very careful because of many fake peso bill these ber-months. I watched a morning show this morning where a representative from Central Bank presented the difference between fake and real peso bill.

peachkins said...

This is a nice tip...will help me discern if I'm getting a fake bill.

Ane said...

I wish I knew how to find out if money is fake or real back in 2003! I paid with money I had just gotten from the bank and was informed that one of the 500peso bills was a fake, it was so embarrassing! I was taken aside and interviewed about where I got the money and stuff like that. I went back to the bank, reported it and showed them transaction records and they quickly replaced my money. I was still angry though, I've never been embarrassed like that in my life!

After that incident, I read about how to tell if money is fake or not and so far, I've not encountered fake money again after that incident..

Tetcha Figuerres said...

Thanks for these helpful tips. These will come in handy, especially now that people are doing their Christmas shopping already.

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