new drawing update

05 October 2012

After such a looong time, I was able to ask RJ to draw again. He’s my favorite person, I’m pretty sure everyone knows that, so I don’t want him to “forget” his talents. But even when I ask him nicely to practice drawing something new, aside from “scary” drawings, I think he feels that I’m “forcing” him to do something so he doesn’t do it. And he would rather play his PSP or watch reruns of his favorite cartoon shows on YouTube.


But he finally gave in.


A dragon, another one of his “scary” drawing, but it looks awesome!




He himself thought it was an awesome drawing. Don’t you think so too?




Mai ThreeBoyz said...

Yeah, that looks awesome. RJ has talent in drawing. I can see the details he put on the dragon. Children really must always practice to enhance their talent. Visiting here from KID, sis. Enjoy the weekend!

jared's little corner said...

sure is an awesome drawing! that dragon is the coolest, kuya RJ! i wish i can draw like you when i get bigger!

thanks for joining kids in doodles + do join us again next time, right? ;)

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