Characteristics of a Sports Coach

12 October 2012

We went to my son's school before lunch so he can shoot some hoops in the school gym. There was a volleyball tournament at that time, both in the grade school and high school gym. Other schools like to rent there because of the school gym's excellent lighting. While waiting for one of the courts to become vacant, we watched an on-going volleyball game.
There's this girl who was doing badly in the game. She must have been causing a lot of trouble to the team's score because the coach asked one of her team mate to replace her in the game. When she was already seated, the coach angrily told her, "What were you doing inside?! Blah, blah, blah, etc, etc, etc."
I got embarrassed for her, I can't imagine what she, who was berated in front of a lot of people, felt at that moment. She must have felt really horrible. My son's swim coach never did that to anyone in the swim team. He would get a lashing from me and the other mom’s I assure you, if he ever did that.

Patient, kind, understanding and encouraging. That’s what a good coach should possess. The school should fire that volleyball coach!


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