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11 June 2012

When I was just starting to set up my first two blogs, around two-three years ago, I’ve been hearing a lot about Odesk. It’s a free-membership website where freelancers can look for jobs and business owners/entrepreneurs can look for virtual assistants like writers, accountants, programmers to name a few.

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So I deleted my old profile, which was created three years ago, and created a new one. I studied how the site works for a day or two and started applying for jobs that I think I can pretty much handle without any supervision from anyone. I only waited for 1 day. I got an email from a verified Odesk client that they are interested to give me a paid test work for 5 hours. I accepted right away. I’m done with the test work. It was supposed to be for 5 hours but I was already done in 3 hours, reviewed and did some revisions in one and a half hours. Now I’m just waiting for the verdict.

I need the extra money to pay for my SSS contribution. I’m also planning to get an insurance since in my line of work I’m not entitled to any workers compensation. I hope and pray that I get the job.


Anonymous said...

I hope that you'd be able to get an online job soon. I also have just started this career and found a job from a similar site which is and so far, I am able to make payments to my contributions regularly.

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