Do I need an exercise attire?

11 June 2012

I exercise at home. I prefer exercising by myself than with a group. I exercise wearing just my house clothes. Shirt, shorts and slippers (sometimes barefoot). Some people spend a lot of money on exercise (workout) attires. Understandable that they can’t use their house clothes to workout in the gym, but why spend a lot?

Maybe I also need to spend money on workout clothes to achieve the weight that I desire. *Grin* *Wink*

workout pants flare

I actually love this dickie scrubs flare drawstring pants that my sister has. It looks so comfortable, can be used as workout pants, don't you think so? But I’m not that sure though if I should buy a new one since I still have old workout pants that I have yet to use. Should I buy?


Gene said...

I prefer working out with my house clothes, sometimes with just my underwear because it can get really hot at home. Though I really need to buy exercise clothes for jogging outside the house. I don't have anything comfortable enough to run around the city.

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