How to be a Smart Consumer

02 June 2012

Are you a smart shopper? I'd like to think that I am a very smart shopper. Just the other day I was in the grocery store and found out that a certain brand of laundry powder is charging more when you buy a bigger pack. Buying 3 sachet packs with the same quantity is Php10 cheaper. You find it funny that I want to save Php10? Laugh again if I tell you I get to save more than a thousand a year just with that laundry powder savings. And with that amount I can already pay 1 month of phone or water bill.


I'm not surprised actually because a lot of other brands also practice the same "pricing scheme". I salute those companies who are consumer friendly and price their big packs lower compared with buying small sachets with the same quantity. I feel sorry for those who buy in bulk like small store owners (sari-sari store). But much sorrier for those who buy in sari-sari stores all the time. They carry the burden of paying more than what they ought to pay. Although most don't know it and maybe just doesn't care how much more they pay when buying in a sari-sari store.




So here's my piece of advice, value your hard-earned money by being a smart consumer:

- compare the brands that you buy, but do take note that cheap doesn't always mean better

- compare prices of buying in big and small packs, never assume that buying in bulk is always cheaper than buying in small packs, not all brands are consumer-friendly

- refrain from buying in small stores if it can be avoided

- make a grocery shopping list to avoid buying in small stores


Happy shopping!


Vien said...

I'm not a smart consumer but I'm quite happy whenever I go out to buy and chance upon items I need on sale...most of the time. Coupons are not available no? they're helpful too! -MArie

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