When I grow up…

02 November 2011

I wanted to be a nurse, like my Aunt. But I took up Math in the University, graduated and now… I am a work-at-home mom. God’s plan for me was better than what I was planning to be. Though I made mistakes along the way, I learned a lot from it.

Just like what I read on Mark Suster’s website, Both Sides of the Table, “I think the sign of a good entrepreneur is the ability to spot your mistakes, correct quickly and not repeat the mistakes.” 

when i grow up... i want to be an entrepreneur

I  have been a stay-at-home mom, doing some homebased work on the side, for 10 years already. I love working at home, no boss and I work on my own time. I’ve tried different home based jobs in the past few years. I retained those worthy of my time, read: I earn from it, and said bye to those that are not.

If you’re thinking of starting up your own business or creating a blog in the near future, visit the site that I mentioned above. It will help you decide what you really want to be When you grow up.


sigrid @ lovingly mama said...

I would have wanted to be a doctor or an engineer. But now, I am a work at home mom for the last 12 years!

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