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27 October 2011

RJ has been experiencing pain on his left ankle every time he walks. I noticed him limping since two Sundays ago. There was a 1-day break on his week-long quarterly test yesterday. Since he's done reviewing for the Thursday tests, I brought him for a check-up at Cardinal Santos Medical Center. Although there's no swelling and he says it's getting better, I still wanted a doctor's diagnosis.


I decided to bring his X-ray result from last year’s visit, the growth spurts diagnosis. When the doctor checked RJ’s ankle, he said that RJ must have probably twisted it. He prescribed a pain killer, if needed which I don’t have any plan of buying since RJ can even run and there’s no swelling, and a gel that should be applied every night. Cold compress also after applying the gel.




There was no need for an X-ray. Hopefully, the gel and cold compress will help heal the sprain faster. RJ needs to go back playing soccer.


kevin smith said...

You may have to try and wear a foot support like a sports wrap. But if you could rest your foot would help lots. I know at times we cant. I found this out while i was playing football. You have a fine day.
Ankle And Foot Doctor Triad

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