allergy season again

08 October 2011

It’s definitely here again. The dreaded allergy season. I have to live with constant worry that my son’s daily bouts of sneezing might turn into an asthma attack. Hopefully not.


I don’t want him depending too much on medicine but his sniffles and sneezing attacks won’t stop without the help of an antihistamine.


sneezing boy allergy symptom


This reminds me, I have to look for a new allergologist. And a new allergologist means that RJ will be subjected to an allergen test again. His last one was 6 years ago anyway so there’s really a need for this test to determine if there's a new substance, or allergen, that he's allergic to.


I love the -Ber months but since it’s also synonymous with allergy, I don’t like it that much.


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