Where to throw your trash

19 July 2011

where's the trash can

Pardon my lousy picture. I only used my cellular phone camera since my point and shoot got broken last summer break for no apparent reason. It just showed a screen error when I was about to use it one day. Mother's Day might be over but my birthday isn't yet so *hint* *hint* - I need a camera. 

So RJ and his Dad joined a running event at Bonifacio Global City last Sunday sponsored by Robinson's Supermarket. There were lots of co-sponsors giving out free samples and free taste of their products. I can't help but be dismayed on how some people are so undisciplined. They just throw their trash anywhere they feel like throwing it. That particular picture above was courtesy of a group of women in their 50's. So they are old enough to know that they need to exercise to make their body stronger and healthier. Are they not wise enough to know where to throw their trash?

The organizer didn't put a trash can or at least a trash bag visible enough for everyone to see. I did saw trash bags inside the booths but none in the area where the runners can see it. The organizer might be at fault but the runners who are so lazy to hold on to their trash for a few second and look for a trash can or bin to throw it is at fault too.

This is just a simple way of keeping our surroundings clean, yet a lot of people can't do it. What about you, are you responsible enough to throw your trash in the right place?

Green Monday


melandriaonline said...

sharing is learning. Thanks for this post and hoping that each of us know the value of eco-friendly planet.

Hope to see you again on monday.

Mauie said...

I remember seeing photos of another running event in BGC which had the same trash problem. They said it was also the organizers fault but I b believe that the runners are also to blame.

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