How to make your child love sports

19 July 2011

My son was able to finish a 5K run last Sunday. I'm one proud Mama. We woke up at around 430AM and was at the race ground before 530AM. I know, too early for me but I can sacrifice my sleep anytime for my son.

RJ doesn't swim in school anymore, sometimes he swims with his dad but that happens once in a blue moon, so he needs to find another sports that he can do at least 3 times a week. Especially since my son is asthmatic, he needs to be fit and strong. Although he's into soccer and basketball already, his dad is encouraging him to try out running.


His dad joins running events every weekend so he's in a mission to make RJ love the sport also. He's already "doing what he's preaching" so hopefully he'll be successful in coaxing RJ to also love the sport that he loves.


Mommy Jes said...

wow! sis 5k! thats milestone!! we brought our kids to some place here where you can simply hike...kahit walk lng ay naku pag balik ayw n appakarga na ehehhe :) pero they are actuve naman..we want our kids dn to join ung mga marathon eh :D will practice them muna :)

Nice adventure yan sis ng anak mo :) Good job to your kid! :) Thanks for joining! :)

Chew On This said...

Talo pa ko ng kid mo sis. I would have given up before I reach the 5K mark ^_^ My hubby is also going to make sure that my daughter to start playing tennis at an early age. His even looking at kiddie rackets these days... but it's still a couple of years before she actually can start. I love it when kids are getting fit... rather than spend time inside the house using the computer (like me!) ^)^

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