What's your favorite breakfast?

21 July 2011

RJ's favorite breakfast is a bowl of coco crunch cereal with milk.  I don't have to stress myself with cooking something for breakfast because it's super easy to prepare -just put the cereal in a bowl and pour milk on it. Voila, done with RJ's breakfast.

Nestle Coco Crunch for breakfast

RJ still feels sleepy when I wake him up in the morning -always! But he can eat his breakfast real quick because it's easier to chew coco crunch cereals than any other food prepared for breakfast.


jellybelly said...

My toddler love o-meal (oatmeal). She has it almost everyday :)

The Twerp and I

 gmirage said...

Mine would be oatmeal or tuna with egg! But your coco crunch is bEtter! - Mirage

STEF said...

I do this trick too, keanna is a slowmo din kasi sa morning... hehe! Sorry for the late visit. Here are our Browns:
Stuffed Toys
Price Tag

Thanks a lot!

Cheerful said...

my son loves those kind of breakfast din before but now both kids likes to have pancakes...visiting late from TB, have a great week! :)

Gene said...

Una loves Koko Krunch too! I find it a blessing that they invented that. I'm not a fan of making breakfast in the morning. Cereals are a life saver to me.

Late visit from last week's Thursday Brownies. Here's my entry Bonding with Lolo Bigote

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