Do you have a green thumb?

26 July 2011

My Grandpa has.

There’s this small plot in front of the family house in the city and a bigger piece of unused land at the back. A few of our tenants, we used to rent some of our vacant rooms before, tried planting on the dry and unhealthy soil. But no one was successful.

My Grandpa, who I call Lolo To, started cleaning the soil to make it more healthy. He patiently removed the broken glasses and rocks every spare time that he has. He also made compost pits all over the yard, every time a pit is full, he covers it with soil and digs another compost beside the already full one. 

grabbed from Grandpa’s FB account

He’s very patient with gardening. And now that he’s retired from work, he has more time to spare in adding more flowering plants and fruit bearing trees to his small farm in the city.

green monday


Cielo said...

I wish that I have...Hayzzz...but I am trying to grow plants in our little gardennn
My GM entry is also up at GM No. 7 - Trash Bin Made of Recycled Tires

melandriaonline said...

i wish i have. I love trees and plant them but i don't have the luxury of time to take care of them.

thanks for sharing.

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