How to make a perfect dive

16 July 2011

I saw this picture while browsing for something to write about. RJ, with his yellow school swim team cap, all ready and waiting for the signal to dive and swim during a competition. A clean, perfect dive is really important for a swimmer to get a good swim result. Because even if one can swim fast, if his dive is not clean, then his result standing will suffer. That can also mess up the team's standing in the overall ranking.

ready to dive

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to make a perfect dive in competitive swimming (

Step 1
Curl your toes over the edge of the starting block. Bring your hands down and take hold of the block.

Step 2
Shift your weight to the rear. You need to propel all your body weight forward as soon as you hear the starter's pistol. To get the greatest depth on your dive, have all your weight and momentum to the rear so you can bring it forward when the starter shoots the pistol.

Step 3
Listen for the starter's pistol and then propel your body as low, far and as flat as you can. Drive your hands into the water, joining them to help you cut through the water.

Step 4
Hold on to your glide as long as possible. Keep your hands and head in the water as long as you can. In order to get the full value of your start, continue to glide and then begin to stroke and kick.

RJ still needs practice to do a perfect dive. Practice makes perfect so I know he'll be ready the next time he joins a swimming competition.



Ms. Burrito said...

Hi Tita, thanks a lot for joining. I admire people that can swim, I am scared to try it.

Ate K said...

I wish to be a good swimmer too. I am just afraid to dive. Hehe! Thanks for joining MGR.

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