School bag for sale

17 June 2011

This week is the first week of another school year for RJ. He's now in 4th grade. There's a school requirement that's a bit absurd.

old stroller bag

The school bag. I found out during the opening of classes that small school bags are allowed inside the school. A small bag won't accommodate all the books that the students need everyday. Why would the school implement that rule? They might as well tell the students to leave their books in the house because it will never fit inside a small bag.

RJ has a new bag that costs us an arm and leg! I already sent a letter to the principal that "we can not (underlined, I wanted to put bold letters but that would give the impression that I'm shouting at the principal) afford to buy another new bag because we already maximized our finances during the enrollment period".

I'm still waiting for the principal's call. But for now, RJ is using that big new bag.

If the principal won't allow RJ to use the new bag, then I don't have a choice but to sell it. Any takers?


ullash said...

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