reminder for first-time moms

30 May 2011

My friend is going to be a first-time mommy in a few months. She started buying baby clothes after the first ultrasound. They already borrowed the stroller, crib and baby furniture from families and friends. The money that’ll they save for those things will be added to the baby’s educational fund.

baby asleep

I have one reminder for first-time moms like my friend. You have to buy a new mattress for your baby. It’s alright to scrimp on other stuffs but not the mattress. Old mattresses can trap germs, from spit ups and diaper change accidents, that could cause serious health problems to the baby. A used one, very probable to not being firm anymore,  can also contribute to SIDS. You can search for crib mattress reviews for more information on how to choose the right mattress for your baby.


My Urban Child said...

Thanks for sharing this great reminder. I really like this one.

Baby Mattresses

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