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18 May 2011

My son loves to draw. But the want-to-play-DSi-games is more powerful than the want-to-improve-his-God-given-talents. I already bought all the art materials that he wants, even an easel, but he finds more time playing handheld games and watching television than drawing.

He always borrow my mobile phone to watch cartoons on youtube when he’s bored with his DSi games and cartoon show reruns on TV. We made a deal, he has to show me one drawing for every show that he watch on youtube.

I found this Youtube Channel that I let my son watch to improve his drawing skills. It’s called Shoo Rayner Drawing School.

Best-selling British Childrens' Author and Illustrator of over 154 books. I've illustrated another 70 or so for great authors like Michael Morpurgo, Michael Rosen, Rose Impey and others. I'm passionate about drawing and want to get the whole world to have a go. Every one can read drawings but they think they can't do them. Drawing is a language like any other - you need to learn the skills. ~shoorayner.com

The video is from Draw Stuff Real Easy, Shoo Rayner’s other YouTube Channel.

The one YouTube cartoon show = one finished drawing deal was never followed. But I’m happy that he finds time to watch the above mentioned YouTube Channel everyday. I’m contented to see one finished drawing per day.


jem alvarado said...

I think people that can draw easily is a talent but nowadays with tutorials like this video can help to people who would like to draw and become artistic.

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