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19 May 2011

Our weekly trip to the doctor because of RJ’s asthma, it started when he was one year old, was very traumatic for me. We were a regular customer to a pharmacy in our small town. His asthma attacks have lessened since then, thanks to his Allergologists.

This summer break, allergic rhinitis is becoming a hindrance to his vacation. Although it is more of a minor illness compared with asthma, I still can’t help but worry when he can’t stop clearing his throat or complains of watery eyes.

warm water with salt

I found a natural remedy to help sooth his throat. Dr. Philip T. Hagen, editor in chief of the “Mayo Clinic Book of Home Remedies,” said that gargling with salt water can draw excess fluid from inflamed tissues in the throat, making them hurt less. A saline solution also loosens thick mucus, which can remove irritants like allergens, bacteria and fungi from the throat.

I ask my son to gargle with warm water with salt before going to sleep. When he clears his throat non-stop during the day, I ask him to gargle every few minutes. I’ll research for more natural remedies that he can try because I don’t want him to rely on medicine anymore.


march on... said...

i also have allergic rhinitis and when this attacks, Salinase also helps. Thanks for sharing :)

Chris said...

Gargling salted water is indeed effective in preventing the effects of allergic rhinitis. My nephew has been having problems with this illness but it ended when he tried gargling salt and water solution.

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