summer activity: piano lessons

14 May 2011

Today is my son’s first day of piano lesson, together with his cousin Ms. F. The piano teacher is my friend’s dad who’s also the organ player in church every Sunday. My friend is a priest but he does not play the organ on the church he’s in.

 practice makes perfect right ms. F?

Learning how to play the piano is a great way for them to exercise their fingers. But my son said that it’s more fun and more effective to just play DS all day long. He also said playing computer is good too. But in my opinion, computers and handheld games only destroy a person’s eyes. I only like it when he uses the computer for blogging, researching, creating home videos or creating and editing pictures on photoscape.

I hope he’ll become a great piano player. Maybe some day he will even become famous!

*My son wrote this by the way.


Joy Page Manuel said...

I wish I had learned to play the piano as a kid. I'm obsessing over a song right now and am dying to be able to play it....but I know I would never be able to :-( I hope your son enjoys this. I heard it's linked to mathematical skills too (?). BTW, I'm currently hosting a blog hop. I'd like to invite you to link up and have fun! Have a great weekend!

sHeNgKaY said...

hahhha..cute cute! not bad..parang mas magaling pa sya akin magsulat ah...

pero very child like talaga sya..halatang bata pa alam na ang blogging ha..

Good job baby!

Pepper said...

it's good that he has found his interest, and is really into it :). I do hope he becomes a famous piano player someday...make his momma proud hehe.

nicquee said...

He writes well. :D

I wish my daughter will learn piano also when she is old enough to be taught.

Joy said...

for a starter, he will go a long way :) nice post here, kanini bang kamay yun nasa piano, nice color of nail polish ha hihi

Ruru said...

way to go RJ! you write very well. have fun learning how to play the piano. give it more time and for sure you'll love it as much as you love playing your DS and computer games.

Phoebe said...

I want to enroll Elijah in a piano class but I don't know what age should he start.

Good day po!:)

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carinamodella said...

this is one of the things that i wanted to learn when i was a kid but unfortunately we couldn't afford it.

rjs mama said...

@sis carinamodella, were on vacation in the province so i took advantage of the cheap piano lesson :)

rjs mama said...

@pibyang, it will help elijah's fine motor skills. around 2 years old, when he can sit without getting distracted for 30 minutes im sure pwede na sya

Clarissa said...

way to go,RJ!keep it up!^_^

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