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19 May 2011

The idea of homeschooling my son has crossed my mind more than a dozen times.

He joined a new swim club last month and some of the kids there are homeschooled. One mom was trying to convince me to homeschool RJ for a year. She said that her daughter’s curriculum is exactly the same with St. Paul, an all girl’s Catholic school here in Manila. She further said that if my son is homeschooled, just like with those enrolled in an online nursing degree, his study pace will depend on his capacity in understanding the lesson.

There are days when he gets bored in school because of the repetitive lessons that goes on for days. Traditional schools do this  for the benefit of students who doesn’t understand the lessons right away.

RJ with Auntie H

I want him to have more time with other activities, like sports, arts and music, instead of just concentrating on academics. But there was always the question of socialization. He’s an only child, he only gets to play with his cousins during weekends. How will he make friends if he is homeschooled?

What about you? Do you homeschool your kids? Why or why not?


Chris said...

i homeschool my kids because i believe that the benefits outweight the negatives. i also believe that you can be the best teacher for your kids, academically and spiritually. i want my kids to grow with the right values. they get to spend time with friends on sunday school and on homeschool support group. also on extra curricular activities. they learn socialization skills from their parents.

it is tough for the parent teacher now but a few years from now, you will see the difference and reap the benefits of homeschooling.

if you are really interested, let me know :)

Jennie said...

I agree with Chris. We too are a homeschooling family. We've started in 2009 and we cannot be more amazed at how this has changed our lives! The satisfaction of seeing first hand how your child progress is beyond words.

The key is to use a homeschooling curriculum that's not just effective but also parent friendly. I have a homeschooling blog that you might want to check out :)

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