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28 May 2011

I usually buy stickers, with RJ's name and school information, for easy labeling of his books and notebooks. He wants a Ben10 themed sticker this year.

Ben 10 collection

Speaking of Ben 10, my son received toys above for Christmas. He already has a list, an assignment of gifts, even before Halloween 2010. It was so funny that he wants to make sure he doesn’t get disappointed on Christmas eve. But I had to tell him that it’s not right to dictate, what’s important is that the person who gave the gift remembered him. And to have a smile and be thankful for each and every gift that he receive.

Back to the stickers. I'll just order from the printing store where I bought last year's Transformer stickers. I hope their pre-designed templates include different Ben 10 designs. If they don’t, I’ll just have to look online. Can anyone please point me to a reliable online sticker store?

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STEF said...

It's funny how kids are so keen especially with gifts. Mine is a choosy one haha! Here's my entry:

Anonymous said...

Sounds so much like my boy, haha. And what little boy doesn't love Ben10 these days? We just bought schools supplies and what notebook designs does he choose? Yep, Ben10.

Thanks for coming to the Colorful Weekend party!

May said...

Oh so that's how my OpenID looks like! I haven't logged in using OpenID in years and gave it a try. :)

And I am readying for Mom-Me! :D

 gmirage said...

My boys like Ben10 too and because I have no idea what it's about they tell me how an episode goes lol. They've watched too much Ben 10 back in summer, since we don't have TV connections here they can't watch na lol. -Mirage

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

Yup! It's the time of the year again when parent's pocket will go kaput bec of all this school needs.

My Colorful Weekend#1

sHeNgKaY said...

Late visiting from Colorful Weekend! :) have a nice day!
My Colorful Weekend

Orange Tuesdays is open already you might want to join..
Anakis ko la pang pakialam jan..hahaha
My sister kiana wants to collect sticker din..

Jadeingua - 01.20.11 said...

Just reminded me that I still have lots of stuff to do inline with the school opening :(. Haven't wrap my little girls's books and notebooks, shop for socks and undergarments, etc..Ang bilis ng bakasyon,huhuhu!

My Colorful Weekend post is up here. :D

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