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01 March 2011

For the past few weeks, RJ has been eating nothing but bacon for lunch. Although I buy lean bacon, it's still processed meat. So I decided to make bacon rolls for his lunch meal.

My sister usually puts asparagus when making bacon roll. But I'm pretty sure RJ won't eat it once he sees the green asparagus inside the roll. Carrots and cheese doesn't make him say "yuck!", so that's what I decided to put in the bacon roll.

bacon roll

Look at the rolls. Don't they look yum? Any suggestions on what healthy veggie should I put in the roll next time?


Mrs. Kolca said...

Hello sis! Thanks for the visit. We stayed at Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees Hotel in Tok Wa Wan.

Hey, these rolls look yum. How do you make them?

Diane said...

Thanks for the visit, sis. :)

I'm thinking fresh mushrooms (button, enoki) , yellow bell peppers (those are sweeter than the green ones and not as strong tasting as the red ones), cucumber, young corn.

An idea, why not make your bacon rolls like sushi rolls with the rice na? Mango cucumber and a little mayo roll? Hmm...might try that myself when I have the time. :D

Cielo said...

The pics looks enticing post ka naman ng recipe eldest loves anything with bacon

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Dhemz said...

that is so yummy! thanks for dropping by...great to be here...following your blog.

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