getting taller every day

01 March 2011

RJ has been complaining of ankle pains since he was 4 years old. It just happens once in a blue moon at that time, no pain the next day, so I thought it was just muscle pain. Last year, his ankle pain complains became almost a nightly ritual. I'm not a worry-wart mom for nothing. 

The doctor looked at rj's ankle, touched it a few times and said, "growth spurts". I paid for an expensive xray and doctor's fee for nothing. I also have to pay for a physical therapist to teach some exercises, that can be searched online, which RJ can do to alleviate the pain. That price that I need to pay for my peace of mind!

growth spurts cartoon
Doctors and other medical professionals should make a facebook page that says "Hooray for worry wart moms. They make us rich!".


Chew On This said...

Peace of Mind could be really expensive... but we can all agree that it is priceless, and if we can pay for it, why not. I'd like to buy peace of mind someday :)

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