final's week!

07 March 2011

I have been neglecting my so-called online career for a few days already. I have to help my son study for his final exams this week. I almost lost my cool, umm -I think I actually did, when he pretended he forgot how to add and subtract dissimilar fractions!
fraction cartoon
Based on my experience, I used to tutor when RJ was still in pre-school, it's much easier to teach other people's kids. It's VERY hard to tutor one's own child.

I've decided to get a tutor for him next school year. I don't want to have a nervous breakdown because he's too lazy to study.


Gina said...

Hello Thanks for visiting my site..I added both your blog in my pureLove blog already.

sigrid @ lovingly mama said...

Hihihi Honestly, that is the reason why I am sending Dindin to school. I need my sanity back. Being together all day can sometimes make me crazy. Add teaching to that and well...indeed, I have been a nervous wreck!

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