can't live without his gadgets?

20 January 2011

Of course he can. There are days when I don't allow him to go online or play his handheld games. Believe it or not, he can survive without his gadgets and be even more productive.

There was a time when I was also addicted to playing computer games. SIMS is one of my favorite games. The characters can sleep, cook, work, go clubbing, fall in love even! Who doesn't want to create his own destiny or control other people (once in a while?). To get over my addiction to SIMS, I deleted the program installed on my computer. As simple as that.
Nintendo DSi
 RJ's priorities, no matter how many times I've lectured him about using his God-given talents, are plants vs zombies, facebook and nintendo games. To solve that problem, I ban him from using computer and video games during school days.


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