mommy moments #5

21 January 2011

One of RJ's favorite, as of this writing, is playing chess. An achievement for him is beating Mama, that's me!, in chess. And yes, he's done that countless of times already.

Chess takes his mind away from facebook and his handheld games. So even if he beats me, he's getting better and better each day, I don't mind at all.

mommy moments


casseydab said...

wow i dont know how to play chess,,,haha how old is he?

Chris said...

that is cool :) happy mommy moments

redamethyst said...

was playing chess is really better than computer games. My son is trying to learn chess to, he knows the move but he has to learn the "diskarte"
Here's my entry

rjs mama said...

@casseydab he's 9 sis

@sis chris happy mommy moments to you too =)

@red yes sis, playing chess is better than handheld games. chess "exercise" his brain better than video games

imriz said...

wow, mind game...i salute him...chess is way better than OL games.

dropping by for my MM post

lyzacruz88 said...

That's a nice way to start! following you through Mommy Moments-

mirage2g said...

hey RJ, let's play chess soon! ;-)

Great practice mom, this surely is better than pc games!

simply kim said...

oh yeah! you shouldn't mind that, it simply means he's so smart, a grandmaster in the making. congratulations RJ! keep it up..

carinamodella said...

A very smart kid! Chess is an intellectual game.

Thanks for visiting and commenting!
Followed you and added you in my bloglist.

rjs mama said...

@imriz and @mirage2g, so true , chess is way better than OL games

@liza and @carinamodella thanks, will do the same

@simplykim, thanks. hopefully he'll always like chess

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