who likes a dirty car?

07 March 2010

My Aunt B recently bought a new car who we fondly call Inno (ay-no). Why did we give a name to her car? Because she loves that car so much, she doesn't want to see a single dirt inside and outside that car -- I mean she doesn't want Inno dirty. She wants her car to be clean and dirt-free at all times. That's aside from the fact that the car is very expensive.

Uncle M, her brother, even removed his shoes the first time he rode in the car. Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, my Uncle M took of his shoes! I am not exaggerating people, you don't know my Aunt B. When she sets her mind into something, she will make sure her instructions gets followed--or else!

Who wants a dirty car anyway? I myself does not want to ride in a dirty car. But a squeaky-clean car, hmmm? I do ride once in a while, but without my Aunt B travelling with me. For me to clean up my mess before she makes her inspection.

Her birthday is only a few weeks away. I now know what present I should buy for her. A few sets of car floor mats for Inno.

What she needs is one with quality that is unlike any other car mat. Maybe I should just have one customized. I can have one designed that protect against rain and spills while giving ultra-comfy softness and luxury. I can even choose one that has high-extruded material that doesn't alter shape or curl during extreme temperatures, unlike most factory car mats. I even saw one that traps liquids and spills stay in their place. That will allow the driver to keep driving without getting distracted because my aunt is panicking.

I hope my birthday gift will give her peace of mind that her beloved Inno will be clean all the time.


Mommy Liz said...

Wow, your aunt probably doesn't have kids riding her car. No matter how I want to keep my car clean, at the back seat, you can find all sorts of candy wrappers and all.

but having a clean and expensive car can make you clean freak, right?

chubskulit said...

Just visiting manay, makaturog na ako hehehe..

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