golf party

24 May 2009

My son was one of the lucky 150 kids, ages 7-13 years old, who was able to get a slot for a golf party this hot saturday afternoon. I was glad it was held at Urban Golf, an indoor venue .

The event was sponsored by Golf Distributors Association of the Philippines. Their main goal was to promote golf to potential junior golfers.

The kids were divided into 5 groups. Every hour, from 2 - 7pm, one group learned about the fundamentals of golf. 15 minutes was alotted on lectures about the parts of a golf club, rules to follow on the golf course using the 3-screen SimSurround simulator on the second floor of the venue. For the remaining 45 minutes, the kids were given a chance to try out the premium simulators on the ground floor.

The event was not boring --including the lectures--because it was incorporated in a children’s party with golf as the theme. McDonalds took care of the games, prizes and lootbags. Urban Golf and Mc Donalds took care of the meals. A beginner’s golf book was also given to the participants.
Everything was for FREE!!!
My son had a fun activity for a day and I did not shell out any cash at all (well, except for the gasoline of course).

Hope there'll be more free parties like this!


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