Meal Time Talk

28 September 2012

Whenever it's time to eat, whether breakfast, lunch or dinner, all household entertainment appliances and gadgets in our house must be turned off. Even before Sharon Cuneta appeared on a Lucky Me television commercial, promoting the importance of healthy family conversation during mealtimes, we were already practicing that in the house.
Because questions like "How's school today?" only gives me a you-won't-get-anything-from-me-today answer like "Nothing much happened" or"Boring!" from my son, I've learned to ask "specific" questions like "Any funny story from D today?" or "Did P showed his picture wearing chef uniforms again?" Through these talks, I get to know how his day at school had been.

We also talk while playing our before-bedtime games and before sleeping while lights are turned off already.

My son is now 11. Through these conversations, I also learn about his friends and much more other things that happened when he's not under my watchful eye without meddling in his life too much, or at least not being too obvious about it.


Maria Teresa said...

As much as I'd like to do that at home, I simply can't. The first thing the little boy asks when he comes home from school is open the TV. But we get to have time to talk before bedtime, and that's when he tells me the things that happened in school that day.

Ane said...

I know what you mean about kids answering, Nothing much when asked how was school as my kids answer that way to, and like you, I learned to ask specific questions.. :P

We also practice that in our home, even before Sharon Cuneta appeared in that commercial as well, I guess you could say we're old school.. :P

Beauty Queen Gene said...

I super agree about the importance of sitting down and sharing a meal at least once a day in order to talk about anything and everything. In our family we practiced that growing up, and until now that we each have our own families, we still make it a point to eat dinner (or lunch or breakfast) together, and just talk, talk, talk :)

peachkins said...

I hope our family could eat together everyday. It's hard when the ehad of the family works overseas.

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