Traffic in EDSA is not fun

01 May 2012

I saw this picture on twitter. Although it seems hilarious at first glance, it doesn't exactly show that "It's more fun in the Philippines ". A first-time tourist should know that EDSA (Epifanio delos Santos Avenue) should be avoided at all times, during traffic and non-traffic hours.


I avoid travelling thru EDSA not just because of the traffic. Look at the picture, the motorcycle and bus behaviors -all true. EDSA bus drivers overspeed all the time without any thought of causing an accident. They only care about getting first in line on that bus stop to get more passengers. The motorcycle riders are no different, they all drive so fast -truth be told they have the cheapest tires and the cheapest helmets. They even use the sidewalks to avoid traffic.

And yes, the "actual sign" is also true although it's written in Filipino. Yes it does look funny, but very embarrassing that there are many st*pid people, pardon my French, who risk their lives crossing that street.


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