my sisters wedding

06 December 2011

My sisters wedding is exactly 2 months from now. I already have a few dresses on my closet so I don't need to buy one for myself. Online fashion websites are a big help in updating one's wardrobe. So each time I go to the mall and I see clothes similar to what I've seen online, which I look good on and not that expensive, I buy it right away. I remember how the world wide web helped my sisters get inspirations for the latest prom dresses.


Back to my sisters wedding. As I have said, I just need to choose a dress from my closet but I completely forgot that my son needs something to wear for the wedding also. I still have a lot of time to browse online shops or visit the mall. Hopefully, I get to find one in time for the wedding.


simply kim said...

good luck on that, girl!

you may want to check THIS out..

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