How to teach young child to be responsible

06 December 2011

Your role as a parent doesn’t start and end with taking care of everything your child needs. You have the responsibility of teaching your child to be responsible as well. When is the best time to start teaching about responsibility? The sooner, the better. Gradually though, we don’t want to overwhelm them. Instead of being responsible, they might end up hating responsibility.



I started teaching my son to be responsible with his health when he was barely a year old. How? I never allowed him to eat processed food. Now that he’s 10 years old, he loves eating fruits and some vegetables. He knows the importance of eating the right kind and amount of food.


At 7 years old, I gave him the responsibility of throwing the trash after dinner, in the garbage chute. I turned over to him the responsibility of making sure that all books are arranged well in the bookshelf.


At 10 years old, I gave him the task of folding small items from the laundry, after I wash it, and putting everything in the right place in the closet.


The older he gets, I will add more chores for him to do. Hopefully, this will help prepare him for more heavier responsibilities after finishing school.


What about your kids? Do they already have small responsibilities in the house?


Kikay Corner said...

Great tips! It's never to early for us parents to teach our children to be responsible. :)

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